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We are a team of passionate individuals led by Dr. Purushothaman, dedicated to revolutionizing the field of psychology through innovative technology. With expertise in psychology, technology, and data analysis, we develop cutting-edge psychotechnological solutions that make a global impact. Our collaborative approach and commitment to innovation drive us to create evidence-based and user-friendly tools for mental health support. Join us as we harness the power of technology to transform lives.


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What’s on your mind?

Now there is a recent approach incorporating the various methods described above to heal our mind, body and soul leading to a total transformation in our life. Please understand that technology has taken an upper hand in human transformation and this is what Psycho Tech Healing is. In this customized method we have made an earnest attempt for a radical transformation in our life. You will see that really, changes sudden, miraculous and everlasting.

In a way, it is new. But really, it is not new. In this method, we have distilled all the vision and wisdom of world religions, spirituality, Psychology, social sciences, behavioral sciences and the like with recent advances in science and technology and other information. Really it is a system for smart living. Whatever may be your emotional or psychological problems unresolved by the conventional methods, Psycho – technology works wonders. Miracles will happen in your life. The secret, effectiveness and the beauty of Psycho – Technology is that, it can be delivered individually and confidentially and thus it is really a new approach.

Let us realize that the most important & precious possession in our life is our mind. Our whole life in expression & perception of our mind. We cannot experience and enjoy anything other than what is perceived by the mind. Unless & until there is a radical positive change in our mind setup, there is no freedom, no liberation, no harmony, no happiness, no love & peace in our life and the whole world at large.

Just like a virus creating a problem to the personal computer, our negative thoughts, emotions, words, situations, challenges, comments, images & the like many things will act as a virus and will affect our mind & brain (The Biggest Sophisticated Computer) and our whole physical and mental functioning become deranged or corrupted & will present as various physical & mental diseases and illness. Usually, the physical symptoms are manifested very gradually and will be noticed only when it becomes an emergency. When we say the virus, it is a negative thought or a script which was registered in our mind & brain at some point of time, knowingly or unknowingly. With this understanding & awareness, we had filtered & customized the recent advances in Science, Technology, Neural Sciences, Psychology, Spirituality, Mind Re-Programming and the like, many methods & finally evolved a process called PSYCHO-TECHNOLOGY.

It is a blend of Age-Old Vision & Wisdom with New Age Scientific Knowledge aiming at eradicating the deep-rooted Fear, Phobia, Anxiety, Tension, Conflicts and the like Negative Emotions & Mental Blocks, enabling each and everybody to experience & enjoy a Stress-Free, Harmonious, Happy & Balanced Life.

The methodology we are presenting is working at the subtle level of the Human Mind- at the Sub-neuronal level of the human brain, resulting in radical positive transformation in our innermost being and our entire life.

Our Psycho-Technology helps each and everybody to experience and enjoy a renewed life journey with a great destination and difference in the days to come.

Really, it is a Break- Through technology in our life, leading to

  • Positive personal change and perfection.
  • Peak performance and achievement
  • Spontaneous creativity
  • Habits changing
  • Human Excellence
  • Harmony and Happiness
  • Peace and love
  • Better Human relationship
  • Serene and Balanced life
  • Self-knowledge and Enlightenment

Never! Counseling is a different approach where we give various advice's to the person concerned, which will have only temporary effect. Here we are changing the internal mental structure of the person concerned by changing the mental software of the individual.

The answer is very simple. After the reprogramming and deeper healing as there is 100% evidence that new neuronal pathways are created in the brain, the permanent change is definitely possible.

To be more precise and truthful the exact process is only known to the healer and is always confidential. The healer and the client reach to a synchronized mental energy level. At that level of consciousness, without any conscious logical thinking the healer is accessing the subconscious mind of the client and very precise as well as sharp decoding and re-coding is done. Suddenly miraculous changes happen in the subtle level. Really it is by the power of the universal force.

Yes! In 95% of the cases the positive changes are permanent, provided the person practices the secret script and codes given regularly for the specified time.

To be more transparent, nobody can claim as the originator of this healing. In a way it is a blend of age-old vision, wisdom and healing with new age scientific knowledge. Here spirituality and science go hand in hand- the net effect is the sudden healing of the mind and psyche with at total transformation of the individual.

To put it in a nut shell the originator of this healing in the present form is Dr Purushothaman Kollam, a surgeon by profession, but a healer by passion.

It helps us in obtaining

  •  Authentic Happiness
  • Exploring Mind and its Mysteries
  • Improves our Memory
  • Enhances Learning Skills
  • Helps in Creative Visualization
  • Increases Our Perception
  • Helps in Positive Thinking
  • Helps in Personality Development
  • Improves Persuasion Skills
  • Improves Communication Skills
  • Improves Inter-Personal Relationship
  • Enhances Our Motivation
  • Ignites Our Inspiration
  • Quick Emotional Freedom
  • Relaxes Your Mind and Body
  • Stress Management made Easy
  • Harmonious Family Relationship
  • Enhances Your Health Awareness
  • Experiences Holistic Healthy Living
  • Promotes Positive Health and Well being
  • Harmonious Mind - Body Connection
  • Expands Bio- Energy Field
  • Helps in Mind-Brain-Soul Integration
  • Experiencing the Art and Science of Meditation
  • Promotes Conscious Living
  • Helps in Self - Actualization
  • And the like changes, leading to a renewed Life journey with a great destination and difference

Parents, Students, Educators & Trainers,

  • All professional persons in all walks of life, Health Professionals in all category
  •   Managers & Business People, CEOs., etc.
  •   Athletes, All Artists, Actors., etc.
  •   Politicians and other Leaders
  •   Anyone who wants to Express, Experience and enjoy the full potential of One’s life